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Home sweet home wood sign

Home sweet home wood sign

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Happyism, Inc.


Designed by You, Created by Us

Home sweet home sign. Engraved Happyism custom design sign collection.

- We cut these out of 1/4" birch wood.
- Available as unfinished wood or upgrade and select one of our paint, stain, or glitter options.
- The more the letters a name has, the smaller the height.
- Approximate height varies, available in several width options.
- Our width measurements calculate the distance from left to right across the entire name, from first letter to last, it could be also considered the "length" of the sign.
- No sawtooth hangers are included on the back of these names. We advise cutting out command strips to adhere to the wall or using nails to hang them. Do not hammer nails through the wood itself. Nails should only be used to support the sign.
-The wood has natural wood grain variations and may have knots. These are all natural characteristics and what make them unique and beautiful.
- If you choose to have your sign painted, it is painted on the front side only. If you want the back painted, too, please contact us for a custom listing. There will be an upcharge for painting the back.

Finish Options
*Note* If unfinished is selected, your sign will be unpainted natural birch wood.
1. White
2. Chalky Linen White
3. Chalky Chiffon Cream
4. Ivory Silk
5. Roasted Corn
6. Chalky Aged Gray
7. Glacial Gray
8. Harbor
9. French Lilac
10. Soft Pink
11. Candy Pink
12. Chalky Blush Pink
13. Vintage Teal
14. Adored Blue
15. Chalky Surf
16. Deep Forest Green
17. Vintage Blush
18. Berry Pink
19. Magenta
20. Coral
21. Colonial Red
22. Purple
23. Luck of the Irish
24. Spanish Moss
25. Hunter Green
26. Mayan Treasure
27. Brilliant Blue
28. Ink Blue
29. Navy Blue
30. Dark Blue
31. Chalky Classic Noir
32. Baronial Brown
33. Black
34. Champagne Mist
35. Vintage Gold
36. Silver
37. Rose Gold
38. Champagne Pink
39. Sea Mist
40. Pearl Mist
41. Natural
42. Golden Oak
43. Whitewash
44. Early American
45. Weathered Grey
46. Provincial
47. Rose
48. Dark Walnut
49. Worn Navy
50. Kona
51. Woodland Green
52. Ebony
53. Mother of Pearl Glitter
54. Champagne Glitter
55. Silver Glitter
56. Gold Glitter
57. Sand Gold Glitter
58. Gold Holographic Glitter
59. Pink Glitter
60. Chunky Gold Glitter
61. Baby Blue Glitter
62. Rose Gold Glitter
63. Bronze Glitter
64. Black Glitter

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  • Easy Installation

    All of our wood and acrylic signs are easy to install. Simply cut pieces of double sided heavy duty mounting tape or command strips and adhere to the wall. For textured walls, you can add extra support with nails or screws.

    For acrylic standoff signs, mounting instructions and standoff screws are provided.

  • Made with love & care

    Hi! We are Jenni and Breck (and Reece, Stella, and Everly). We are the owners of Engraved Happyism. We have been making custom products since 2014. We have a team that genuinely cares about your happiness and want to provide the best products and service in the industry. We have served over 60,000 customers and look forward to helping you create a custom piece of decor or gift.